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Want to get laser hair removal in Delhi-You should know these five things

Updated: May 4, 2022

1.We all call it laser hair removal but it’s actually it’s laser hair reduction. Very rarely 100% hair goes permanently.There is reduction of atleast 90% or more in some areas but still Far from permanent laser hair removal.

2.Which laser is the best. Only few lasers are FDA approved.What does it mean. It means you can close your eyes and go to these clinics with FDA approved lasers.Efficacy and safety of these lasers are guaranteed.

3.Where to get laser hair removal in delhi.

There are many clinics and now also parlours where you can get laser hair removal done. Beauty parlours are the most unsafe place to get laser hair removal.Especially places where beauty services are done usually don’t have FDA approved lasers. Lasers are only allowed in clinics managed by doctor. Most of the companies in USA and INDIA cannot sell lasers to these parlours as it’s against law. Parlours usually keep low efficacy devices or ipl device which is a light based device for hair reduction.

4.Which part of the body laser is most effective

Usually underarms and bikini are the areas where lasers are most effective.Lasers are also less effective where hairs are very fine or skin coloured. Thick black hair has more pigment hence lasers are more effective on these areas. Laser hair removal results also depends on the hormonal profile, PCOD, and multiple other factors.

5.What type of laser is best

Most safe effective and commonly used lasers are diode.Soprano laser hair removal at monaris skin and hair clinic is the latest SOPRANO PRO laser which the most popular laser through out the world. It’s safe for all skin types and works very effectively on all types of hair. NdYag lasers were more used earlier but now no more in use. Only some clinics are using as they have not upgraded. Alexandrite laser has also been launched recently but it have no use on Indian skin as it can burn the skin. There is some new generation lasers which combines all three wavelength Diode alexendrite and NdYag. We personally feel its useless laser as it emits three wavelength together. No person we have ever seen having 3 types of hair in the same place. Just one diode laser does better job then all three combined.

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