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Top 5 Laser hair removal clinics in Delhi

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

1 Monaris skin and Hair Clinic

2.Kaya skin Clinic

3.Skin alive

4.klarity skin clinic Lab

How to Choose the best Laser Hair removal centre

Tough decision with so many clinics claiming to be the best laser hair removal clinic in Delhi. Below are few of the points to choose the laser clinic in Delhi

  1. Any laser hair removal clinic having chinese or korean laser should be avoided.These lasers are not much tested and most of them failed in FDA Approvals But they are very cheap so most of the DOCTORS and Clinics use it.Its difficult to judge about ther efficiency. Most of the machines are copied from the standard company design.

  2. Laser hair removal is mostly done at clinics with dermatologists. Recently some clinics are beauty clinics and have started to rent a laser and do it anywhere.Patients should avoid these places. Laser can have serious side effects if not done in proper settings.

  3. All lasers and laser clinics are not same. Cheap laser hair removal packages are available everywhere but the end up very costly as they are done with Non FDA approved laser. These laser give poor results and are also dangerous.

  4. Choose wisely your clinic for laser hair removal. If you want to buy best smart phone for yourself then don't try something cheap for your body hair removal treatment. At monaris we believe that our patients should get best technology and most affordable price.

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