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Laser hair Reduction at Defence Colony,South Delhi

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

As the technology has advanced so is the people getting laser hair removal. One of the best laser hair removal clinic in south Delhi is Monaris skin and hair clinic at Defence Colony.New laser hair removal technology has made it possible to offer faster painless treatments and now even works on fine hair.

Most common areas for hair removal are face,Legs,arms,beard shaping chest and back. Females also go for bikini laser hair removal and underarms laser hair removal. As the demand has increased top skin clinics have upgraded their technology to meet the requirements. At monaris we have multiple hair removal machines and lasers to target all types of hair.

Monaris skin and hair clinic is also popular for the patients from Afghanistan,south africa,Middle East and other countries for their skin and laser treatments. Affordable skin and hair treatments at monaris skin clinic has made it a hub for patients coming to India on medical tourism.

laser hair reduction
Laser hair Reduction at Defence Colony,South Delhi

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