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Delhi Gets best laser Hair removal Clinic

Updated: May 4, 2022

Have you ever done laser hair removal? Yes! Did you notice that your laser is not giving results as you expected.There are many patients who are still taking lasers from many years but results are still not as expected. Did you ever realize why?

Lasers are not categorized into many categories and patient should know which laser they are using to get best results.

IPL Laser hair Removal:- Well this is not a laser.Its a light based device.Most of the beauty parlours use this and many start up clinics us it as its the cheapest hair reduction device.Most of the IPL never removes hair.They just slows down the hair growth.Should be avoided.

NdYag Laser-Old technology but still used. Considered safe for Indian skin in old days.Most of the clinics Including Kaya Skin clinics used this laser in 2005.It was painful laser but safe for skin.The only problem with those lasers were slow to work and hair ends up getting long and thin.

Diode Laser-Most effective but can burn skin.This was also used since long in India.Earlier diode lasers were strong and effective but had a tendency to burn skins.It was important for the staff to be well trained to handle these lasers.Light sheer was one of the most commonly laser used even today

Diode with SHR Technology-Best laser for hair removal in India.Till today this is the most effective laser for hair removal as its safe, painless and most effective.The original technology was invented by ALMA LASERS and comes as SOPRANO LASER. At Laser hair removal clinic at MONARIS use soprano laser hair removal for best results.

Triple wavelength Laser-More marketing less laser. This are recently introduced laser where three wavelength of light are coming out pf the same laser source.Since no person have three types of the hair on the same place its difficult to understand why 3 wavelength are required for the one type of hair.Since these lasers cannot emit single wavelength they seem to be useless.

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