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Facilities at Monaris

Dedicated Laser Rooms

At monaris skin clinic we have dedicated laser to maintain safety and privacy for all patients.Safety Glasses for both patients and therapist are mandatory.

Certified Nurses to assist

We employ only certified nurses as a laser therapists. Nurses are better trained to handle medical lasers and provide better care.

Full-Time Dermatologist

All lasers are done under the care of our in-house dermatologist only. Prior and follow-up consultations are provided free during the course of laser treatment for a better outcome.

FDA Approved Lasers 

Safety is the first thing we care about. We employ FDA-approved and safe lasers to prevent any untoward complications like burns etc. Our results with Laser Hair reduction are the best in the industry.

13 Years of Experience

Lasers and their technology are changing very fast. We have experts who have many years of experience in handling laser devices and have worked on all technology in India and Abroad

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